Trumpet, Trombone, French Horn + Other Brass Lessons in Aurora, OH

Skilled Brass Teachers in Aurora, OH

The best way to develop a professional sound on a brass instrument is to study with a seasoned performer, and our teachers have the experience and pedigree to help you improve. Our faculty members have earned degrees from some of the nation’s top universities, performed in orchestras, wind bands, and quintets, and can provide a wonderful reference point from which you can develop a beautiful tone.

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The Brass Instruments We Teach

Trumpet Lessons In Aurora, OH

Whether you want to play a C trumpet in orchestras, the B flat trumpet in a jazz quintet, or try your skills on the piccolo trumpet, our talented instructors can help. Develop fine technique, a beautiful tone, and a fundamentally sound embouchure with the faculty at the Aurora School of Music. We can help you refine scales and arpeggios, articulation, develop range, and much more.

Trombone Lessons In Aurora, OH

Are you an orchestral trombonist or a multi-instrument musician trying to add the trombone to your repertoire for gigging purposes? We can help you learn the slide positions and intricacies of the instrument quickly. Whether you are auditioning for school band or grad school, our faculty has the expertise to help you take your trombone playing to the next level. Get in touch for a trial lesson.

French Horn Lessons In Aurora, OH

The french horn is one of the most challenging wind instruments to master, but given its demand in wind bands, orchestras, brass quintets, and pit orchestras, there are many reasons to perfect this beautiful instrument. Your teacher will help you develop your ear so you can’t cheat on fingerings, and you will be introduced to excerpts that can help you win auditions down the road.

Tuba Lessons In Aurora, OH

The tuba is the foundation of many musical ensembles, and as a result, you need a strong musical foundation to play it well. At first you will learn how to breath in such a way that you can produce a beautiful, rich sound. You will also learn how to read bass clef and play all of the various fingerings on your instrument. Further down the road, you’ll learn how to transpose and play the C and E flat tuba in addition to the B flat tuba. Contact us for a trial lesson or to see if the tuba is the right fit for you.

Euphonium Lessons In Aurora, OH

Euphonium literally means “beautiful sound,” and we will help you learn how to produce just that at the Aurora School of Music. The euphonium is known as one of the most beautiful and virtuosic brass instruments, and our teachers will help you choose music that shows off your skills and develops your potential as a musician, not just a euphonium player. Whether you’re a beginner learning the notes, or an advanced player preparing the Ellerby concerto for auditions, get in touch.

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We know you’ll love your experience at the Aurora School of Music. You will be able to meet your teacher, play for them, and discuss your goals on your instrument. We also encourage our students to participate in the brass ensembles here at our school, so for more information.

We also offer far more than brass lessons – We offer the following, among other disciplines:

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