Voice Lessons Aurora, OH

How Are Voice Lessons At Aurora School of Music Unique?

Our Faculty Is Exceptionally Qualified

At the Aurora School of Music, your teachers have all performed at the highest levels, earned advanced music degrees, and accrued years of voice teaching experience. Our teaching artists have attended some of the country’s leading conservatories and opera programs, performed everything from Handel’s Messiah to Mozart’s Die Zauberflöte and Benjamin Britten, and can help you reach your goals, no matter how lofty or practical they might be.

Meet the Teachers

Performance Opportunities For Students

Aspiring vocalists at our musical institution are given to perform in both student recitals and concerts put on in our state-of-the-art performance hall. Sign up to sing amongst your peers for family and friends in one of our many student recitals – it’s a fun way to learn how to perform and share the music you’ve learned with your loved ones. Students who participate in our rock and pop programs can sing in live concerts, and if you would like to join an ensemble, ask us about our acapella groups.

Work With Our Artists In Residence

We are fortunate to maintain active working relationships with several top industry professionals, and we will host acclaimed concert artists from time to time at the Aurora School of Music. Our Artists in Residence work with students on technique and interpretation in both private and masterclass settings, and if you would like to benefit from such an experience, get in touch at your earliest convenience.

Voice Lessons in Aurora For All Skill Levels

Beginner Singing Lessons In Aurora, OH

Don’t worry if you have no prior singing experience – we are happy to help you find your voice. We believe that everyone can sing, and we would enjoy helping you reach your goals. You will learn fundamentals like tension-free breathing, how to produce a beautiful sound, how to increase your range either higher or lower, how to practice exercises every day, and how to learn challenging vocal repertoire in your desired genre.

Advanced Singing Lessons

Have you been taking lessons or singing in productions or an ensemble for a period of time? Let our skilled vocal staff help you reach the next level. Whether you have been experiencing pain, need help preparing for a competitive audition, or wish to broaden your skill set to include jazz or popular singing techniques, we can help. We will also use our knowledge of vocal literature to help you choose music that will showcase your voice and push to new heights.

What skill levels do we work with?

Piano Lessons For Children And Teens In Aurora

We’ve worked with thousands of children at the Aurora School of Music, and we understand how to make lessons and music classes fun, engaging, and educational. Children won’t progress on their instrument if they don’t enjoy lessons and practice – but fun and games alone don’t make a competent pianist.

We will find engaging, age-appropriate music for your child, introduce them to drills and practice methods that are both effective and enjoyable (like Dozen a Day, piano methods, and leveled repertoire), and make sure they go home with actionable items to practice each week. You’ll be hearing your child play tunes and pieces on the piano in no time at all, and we will aim to give you a love and appreciation for music that will last for a lifetime.

Piano Lessons For Adults In Aurora

Whether you are an adult beginner or an amateur with many years of playing experience, we can help you reach your goals at the piano. Firstly, we’ll want to know what you wish to accomplish at the piano. Do you want to improvise? Play the keyboard with a rock band? Relax with your favorite preludes and fugues each night? Learn how to sight read or play without tension in your shoulders and arms? We will pursue a holistic approach to piano teaching with you, and you will start to improve in your first lesson

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Classical, Jazz, Rock, and Pop Piano Lessons

Our piano instructors will give you the knowledge and technique you need to thrive in any genre you wish to participate in. You’ll be able to reach notes, chords, and lead sheets, play by ear, enjoy complex rhythms, and more. We have a thriving jazz program here at Aurora, and if you have a specific genre you’d like to gain competency in, please let your teacher know!