Drum + Percussion Lessons Aurora, OH

Why Choose the Aurora School of Music?

Skilled Faculty Members Make All The Difference

Our students benefit from instructors who study, practice, and perform on the drums and with percussion instruments. Our teachers have graduated from esteemed music schools like Oberlin and Bowling Green, and they have played in jazz bands, rock bands, professional orchestras, and more. More importantly, they are skilled and experienced educators who can adapt to your specific needs and goals. If you’d like to schedule a trial lesson, please get in touch.

Meet the Teachers

Get Involved: Performance Opportunities And Artists In Residence

The Aurora School of Music is more than a drum studio – we are a community of musicians. Several times per year, we hold student recitals in our new performance hall where students perform the repertoire they’ve been learning in front of family, friends, and their fellow learners. We also have thriving jazz and rock programs where drummers can play with other musicians in real time.

We also host artists in residence each year, and students will occasionally have the opportunity to learn from professional artists at the top of their fields. For more information about how you can become part of our music-learning culture here in Aurora, get in touch.

Drum Lessons in Aurora for Beginners and Advanced Musicians

Beginner Drum And Percussion Lessons

Don’t worry if you have no prior experience with drums or other percussion instruments. Our instructors will focus on teaching you:

  • How to properly hold drum sticks and use the pedal
  • How to play a steady beat
  • How to recognize rhythmic pattern
  • Other fundamentals

We will follow a logical and effective learning progression with you or your child, and you will steadily build confidence and skills on the drums. We will also make sure you are playing along with real music in addition to practicing drills – we want you to enjoy music more during lessons, not less.

Advanced Drum Lessons

Once you’ve mastered the fundamentals of drum playing, we can work our way into double rolls, paradiddles (a mixture of single and double strokes), difficult grooves and rhythmic patterns, and more. At this point we’ll make genre-specific practice decisions based on the music you want to play, and as long as you can commit to regular practice, you’ll be jamming with your friends or bandmates in no time.

Both Children and Adults are Welcome

We’d love to work with you or your child at the Aurora School of Music. We help kids, teens, and adults master drums and percussion instruments, and we are familiar with the various challenges and strategies associated with teaching each age. From aspiring conservatory students to young professionals and retired older adults, we are happy to assist any student in our program.

The Musical Genres We Teach

Our instructors are skilled in classical, jazz, metal, rock, fusion, and other musical genres, so whether you want to prepare music by Mahler or Nine Inch Nails, we are happy to work with you. Each genre has its own considerations, but the fundamentals remain the same – we will help you read scores, sight read, master tricky rhythms, and get comfortable with each instrument in your arsenal.

Get Started With a Trial Lesson

It’s no risk to try drum lessons in Aurora, OH, so get in touch at your earliest convenience to schedule a trial lesson with one of our experienced drum teachers. We would enjoy the chance to work with you, and are confident that you will start improving on the drums during your first lesson.

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