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What Makes Our Piano Lessons Different?

Highly Skilled Piano Teachers in Aurora

A piano lesson can only be as effective as the individual presenting the material, and our music educators have a tremendous amount of experience. Teachers at the Aurora School of Music have attended schools like Rice, the Oberlin Conservatory, the Cleveland Institute of Music, and more. Furthermore, many have earned masters degrees or achieved other high levels of music education. If you would like to learn more about the teachers you may work with, view our faculty page or contact us for a free trial lesson.

Performance and Recital Opportunities

Students of all ages at our school gain access to several student recitals every year. We set aside our performance hall and concert piano on certain weekends so our students can come together and perform for each other, family, and friends. It’s always special when you are able to show your loved ones what you’ve been learning, and additionally, performing in front of others on the piano will increase your confidence and overall skill level.

Masterclasses with Acclaimed Pianists

The Aurora School of Music has relationships with professional musicians around the world, and as a result, we are able to bring performing musicians in as Artists in Residence. These acclaimed musicians will work with nominated students in masterclasses and private lessons, and they will often present a recital – an exciting opportunity for any student, whether a child, high schooler or adult.

What Skill Levels Do We Work With?

Beginner Piano Lessons in Aurora, OH

If you or your child are starting to learn the piano for the first time, a solid foundation is critical to long term success. Our teachers have years of experience working with beginners, and we can instill a strong sense of rhythm, music theory, note reading, technique, intervals, and so much more. The goal is to help you become an independent musician who can learn and practice on his or her own away from lessons – if you want the best beginner piano lessons in NE Ohio, get in touch.

Advanced Piano Lessons in Aurora, OH

Intermediate and advanced pianists often bring a unique set of needs to piano lessons.Some pianists have great reading ability, but they can’t play by ear. Some have a strong understanding of modes and chord progressions, but they can’t play the piano without piano. Some others need to gain more speed so they can tackle difficult literature – perhaps a Prokofiev concerto or or some Liszt for an audition. Please let us know what your needs and goals are, and we will coach you to success.

Children, Teens, and Adults are Welcome

Piano Lessons For Children and Teens in Aurora

We’ve worked with thousands of children at the Aurora School of Music, and we understand how to make lessons and music classes fun, engaging, and educational. Children won’t progress on their instrument if they don’t enjoy lessons and practice – but fun and games alone don’t make a competent pianist.
We will find engaging, age-appropriate music for your child, introduce them to drills and practice methods that are both effective and enjoyable (like Dozen a Day, piano methods, and leveled repertoire), and make sure they go home with actionable items to practice each week. You’ll be hearing your child play tunes and pieces on the piano in no time at all, and we will aim to give you a love and appreciation for music that will last for a lifetime.

Piano Lessons for Adults in Aurora

Whether you are an adult beginner or an amateur with many years of playing experience, we can help you reach your goals at the piano. Firstly, we’ll want to know what you wish to accomplish at the piano. Do you want to improvise? Play the keyboard with a rock band? Relax with your favorite preludes and fugues each night? Learn how to sight read or play without tension in your shoulders and arms? We will pursue a holistic approach to piano teaching with you, and you will start to improve in your first lesson.

Classical, Jazz, Rock, and Pop Piano Lessons

Our piano instructors will give you the knowledge and technique you need to thrive in any genre you wish to participate in. You’ll be able to reach notes, chords, and lead sheets, play by ear, enjoy complex rhythms, and more. We have a thriving jazz program here at Aurora, and if you have a specific genre you’d like to gain competency in, please let your teacher know!

Our Piano Studio Location in Aurora, OH

Located right in the heart of Portage County, Ohio, the Aurora School of Music is easily accessible from Mantua, Bainbridge, Twinsburg, hiram, Shalersville, Solon, and more. Our facility is near the intersection of highways 82 and 43 on S Chillicothe Rd. – if you have any questions about visiting for lessons or a recital, please give us a call.

Get Started With a Trial Lesson

Anyone interested in piano lessons in Aurora is entitled to a trial lesson, and our teachers would be thrilled to help you reach your musical goals. We also offer piano lessons Cleveland, so if you need to help finding our music school from there, let us know. Please contact us to get started, learn more about our rates, or find out how you can become part of the thriving arts community at the Aurora School of Music. We are looking forward to hearing from you!