Guitar Lessons Aurora, OH: Classical, Rock, Blues and More

Why Take Guitar Lessons At Our School?

Experienced Guitar Teachers Who Can Play

Our qualified guitar teachers come from differing backgrounds; they have performed classical music, rock, and other genres at a high level. They have also studied with some of the premier guitar educators in the United States at the collegiate and postgraduate levels, and they have a wealth of experience to pass along to students. Our variety of skill sets and teaching approaches will help you meet your goals as a musician – let us know when you would like to sign up for a trial lesson.

Meet the Teachers

Play With (And For) Other Musicians

At the Aurora School of Music, you’ll have the opportunity to play in student recitals for family and friends, jazz and rock ensembles if you’d like to, and other musical outlets. We believe that rehearsal, performance, and collaboration with other guitar players makes you a more complete musician, and our goal is to help you reach your potential as a musician.

What Musical Genres Do We Teach?

Our guitar teachers in Aurora, OH are fluent in a number of genres, including classical, rock, and jazz. For beginner students, our teachers will relay basics that can be used in any genre. As a student progresses, he or she will develop more technical and genre-specific skills. Let us know what you are interested in playing! We want to help you reach your goals, and while we will instill you with foundational music knowledge that can be applied to any guitar style, we will help you learn licks, progressions, and techniques specific to your preferred musical outlet.

What Else Will You Learn?

Theory, note reading, rhythm, key signatures, and more are valuable skills that you learn from playing the guitar. In fact, this knowledge will help you appreciate other instruments and musical genres – not just the ones that you are involved with. We will focus on and teach you drills, techniques, and theory that will give you the freedom to explore all genres. You will also learn how to interpret pieces of music, play with dynamics and expression, and more.

Guitar Lessons for Kids In Aurora, OH

Looking to enroll your child in guitar lessons? The Aurora School of Music will place your child with a teacher who can start them off with the basics they need to pursue a lifetime of music making. They will develop finger technique, learn simple chords, and begin reading music. Before long, your child will be able to play along with their favorite tunes. Your child will start by learning fretboard technique and single notes, then eventually learn full chords, scales, major and minor intervals, dyads and triads, and so forth.

Guitar Lessons for Adults In Aurora, OH

Whether you have previous guitar experience or not, adults are always welcome at the Aurora School of Music. You can either tell us exactly what it is you’re hoping to learn (we realize that adults often have specific goals in mind), or we can take you through a well-rounded, holistic guitar education. You’ll learn notes, then roots and chords, then power chords, then scales and arpeggios, and eventually you will be covering your favorite tunes or practicing Bach. We will help you learn popular or classical guitar, and we would love to help you reach your goals.

What Genres Do We Teach?

Our student singers participate in classical, popular, jazz and rock music programs, and whether you want to sound like Pavorotti, Ella Fitzgerald, Bryn Terfel or Curt Elling, we can help you reach your goals. Our teachers have participated in many musical genres, and they would love to help you do the same. We also encourage our students to participate in the various student ensembles and performance opportunities mentioned above – there’s nothing like experience to help you become a confident jazz, classical, rock, or pop singer.

Get Started With a Trial Lesson

If you are interested in enrolling yourself or your child in voice lessons at the Aurora School of Music, please schedule a 30 minute trial lesson at your earliest convenience. Furthermore, we serve a number of students from the surrounding metropolitan area, so if you need voice lessons in Cleveland, we are happy to assist with driving directions. We would enjoy hearing about your goals, your experience, and the challenges you’ve faced so we can create a unique learning plan for you. Start improving your ability to sing today.

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