Violin, Cello, and Other String Lessons in Aurora, OH

How the Aurora School of Music is Different

A Teacher Skilled On Your Instrument

The best way to learn how to produce a beautiful sound is to work with a skilled musician on your instrument. You will be able to observe their technique up close, and as you practice and listen, you will start to imitate what you hear. Furthermore, our instructors play at a professional level in orchestras, chamber ensembles, and more – you will benefit from a violin, cello, viola or bass player who is actively involved in music-making.
Our faculty members also have years of teaching experience, and they have degrees from some of the nation’s best music schools. They would love to pass their knowledge on to you or your child, and if you would like to learn more, please contact us regarding a trial lesson.

Meet the Teachers

Play With Other Musicians In Ensembles

Our music school offers chamber music ensembles, string quartets, and more for our students. As you progress in your private lessons, you will reach the point where you are competent enough to play advanced music with others; these chamber music opportunities are an excellent way to take your skills to the next level. Ask your string teacher for more information if you’re interested in rehearsing and performing with one of our ensembles.

Learn From Acclaimed Professionals

We host Artists in Residence at the Aurora School of Music each year, and these performing artists perform, teach private lessons to selected students, offer masterclasses that you can watch, and more. There’s nothing quite as valuable as learning from the best, and we are proud to make these opportunities available to our students.

All Ages and Skill Levels are Welcome

Beginner Violin Lessons In Aurora

We don’t require auditions or previous experience for you to enroll in lessons – we enjoy working with beginners. We will help you choose the right violin, learn how to hold the instrument and bow, and get familiar with reading notes and rhythms. You will eventually learn the fundamentals of producing a beautiful sound, music theory (key signatures, chords, intervals and more) and you’ll practice scales and arpeggios along with pieces of music. Our teachers create a unique learning plan for each student, so please feel comfortable sharing your unique goals with your instructor.

Intermediate And Advanced String Lessons

Our teachers have all attended university, conservatory, and/or played professionally, so they are more than qualified to help more advanced violin, cello, bass, and viola players take their abilities to the next level. Our intermediate students will solidify their knowledge of articulation, vibrato, contractions, extensions, and perhaps advance to harmonics, among many other things. You will also deepen your knowledge of music theory at this point. Advanced students will continue to work on finger dexterity and technique, a fuller tone, professional music interpretation, and more.
The most important thing to know is that no two students are alike, and we help each student progress at his or her own pace. We will always try to stretch your limits while spending as much time as we need to on difficult concepts.

What Genres Do We Teach?

Our student singers participate in classical, popular, jazz and rock music programs, and whether you want to sound like Pavorotti, Ella Fitzgerald, Bryn Terfel or Curt Elling, we can help you reach your goals. Our teachers have participated in many musical genres, and they would love to help you do the same. We also encourage our students to participate in the various student ensembles and performance opportunities mentioned above – there’s nothing like experience to help you become a confident jazz, classical, rock, or pop singer.

Get Started With a Trial Lesson

If you are interested in enrolling yourself or your child in voice lessons at the Aurora School of Music, please schedule a trial lesson at your earliest convenience. Furthermore, we serve a number of students from the surrounding metropolitan area, so if you need voice lessons in Cleveland, we are happy to assist with driving directions. We would enjoy hearing about your goals, your experience, and the challenges you’ve faced so we can create a unique learning plan for you. Start improving your ability to sing today.

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