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How Our Drum Lessons Are Better

The Quality of Drum Teacher Matters

The drums are complex and difficult, and you need a teacher who has significant experience working with students and playing at a high level. At the Aurora School of Music, you get both.

Our instructors have received advanced degrees in music, so they understand more than the mechanics – they can help you learn the intricacies of different musical genres, the reason why you have to play certain techniques, and they will make sure there isn’t a single gap in your learning.

Furthermore, they bring hands-on experience to your lessons. Our drum instructors have played in jazz, rock, and classical ensembles, and they can help you prepare for gigs and auditions.

Put Your Drumming To Use With Other Musicians

Cleveland is full of talented musicians, and many of them are involved in the arts at the Aurora School of Music. You’ll be able to join student rock bands, jazz groups, and orchestras, and if you would like to perform and rehearse with other musicians, you can sign up for weekly rehearsals and various performance opportunities. It’s a great way to improve as a musician and meet like minded folks in the community.

All Skills Levels Are Welcome

Learn the Basics: Beginner Drum Lessons in Cleveland

You don’t need experience to sign up for lessons – we are happy to teach you from the ground up. Learn how to read notes (yes, drummers read notes too!), interpret different note values (quarter notes, half notes, whole notes, and more), and discern different types of strokes and articulations based on the sheet music in front of you.

We also place a significant amount of weight on technique. You will learn how to grip the sticks in different ways: German grip, French grip, and traditional grips will all be included. You will learn how to properly strike the drum and take advantage of the rebound right from day one, and we’ll get into single strokes, double strokes, and paradiddles early on. If you have a bit of time to practice every day, you’ll familiarize yourself with all of the various drum techniques earlier than you would have thought possible.

Additionally, you will enjoy real music in our beginner drum lessons. You won’t spend hours on online dry, boring drills – you will play along with tracks and songs, and you’ll learn how to drum aside popular music you enjoy.

Advanced Drumming Lessons

Our advanced drummers have both started as beginners at our music school or joined us after they had already plateaued at a certain level. Our teachers are qualified to work with musicians at every level, so if you want to take your skills or career to the next level, get in touch!

We can work on reading non-grouped notes (get used to dramatic note value shifts in your sheet music), syncopation, improvisation on the drums, and much more. We can also tackle more advanced genres in your lessons, including fusion, jazz, prog metal, or whatever other genre you want to learn.

We also like to take a practical approach in our drum lessons. Do you want to improve your drum fills before a show or audition? We can help you alter your instrumentation, dynamics, accents and more. Do you need to be able to play jazz drums with a traditional grip? Let us know – we’ll work on it.

Our Drum Teachers in Cleveland Work With Students of All Ages

Would you like your child to apply to the Cleveland School of the Arts, or does your high schooler want to get involved in the arts at St. Ignatius? We are happy to help young kids learn the fundamentals or bring your teenager up to speed so he or she can play in a band, jazz combo or orchestra.

We also help adults achieve their dreams every day – from hobbyists to advanced amateurs, our adult students learn how to play the drums at an extremely high level.

What Equipment Do You Need To Start Drum Lessons in Cleveland?

You don’t need to invest in an expensive drum set to enroll in lessons, but regular practice is necessary if you wish to improve. If you live in an apartment or duplex, you may want to consider an electronic drum set so you have the freedom to practice later in the evening.  You can get a decent set of E-drums for $500 or less (not professional by any means), and they will allow you to progress through your first couple of years of practice. If you graduate to a nicer set of electronic drums, the set will mimic the feel and responsiveness of an acoustic drum set.

Regardless of your equipment, your teacher can help you learn fills, improvisation, note reading, rhythm, and so much more. Feel free to ask your drum teacher about the best equipment for beginners, intermediate students, or advanced drummers.

Start Drum Lessons in Cleveland, OH Today

You don’t have to invest in expensive equipment to get started, and you don’t need to have any prior experience. We don’t have auditions for lessons at the Aurora School of Music, so there’s nothing stopping you from learning the drums with our skilled faculty. Contact us to get a free 30 minute trial lesson – we look forward to hearing from you.