Vera Holczer-Waroquet







Budapest Bartok High School Conservatory
University of California, Los Angeles
Cleveland Institute of Music

The Aurora School Of Music Was Established In 2003 By Vera Holczer-Waroquet, A Hungarian Pianist Who Came To The US After Finishing Her Degree At The Budapest Bartok High School Conservatory.

UCLA took her to California at the age of 19, and CIM to Cleveland four years later. During the six years of professional training, Ms. Vera acquired tremendous teaching and performing experience. When she moved the Chagrin Valley area, Ms. Vera taught her students out of her living room. Her home-based piano studio quickly reached 100 students per week. She knew something more needed to be done for the sake of music education. To her, teaching music requires the right standards with the right approach flavored with passion.

Ms. Vera feels very privileged she is able to find and choose instructors and staff who have the same belief and passion. On November 8th, 2003 Ms. Vera opened the Aurora School of Music, fulfilling her dream of sharing her love for music to many more students. Today the Aurora School of Music is providing music education for nearly 1000 students while striving to continuously grow the depth and width of her music program that gained respect and recognition throughout the region.

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