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How Are Guitar Lessons At Our School Different?

Guitar Teachers in Cleveland With Significant Experience

The best way to learn how to play the guitar is to study with a teacher who has accumulated significant experience in both performance and educational settings. Your teacher will be able to demonstrate how to play with good technique, and whether you are learning chords or double tapping, you will learn from professional examples – not just words and method books. Furthermore, our faculty members have performed extensively. They can help you prepare for auditions or concerts, talk you through career opportunities, and take your playing to the next level.

Experience Live Performances With Other Musicians

We certainly hold our Cleveland guitar lessons to the highest standards, but we also have other opportunities for students to improve. We host student recitals in our performance hall where you can present solo or ensemble music to friends, family, and peers. You will also have the opportunity to participate in rock bands, jazz ensembles and more – if you would like to take your abilities to the next level by playing in a musical group, please let your teacher know. We would love to get you started.

What Styles Of Music Can You Learn?

We don’t fit our students into a box or rigid method, so if you want to play the guitar in a particular style, let your instructor know. We can help you learn classical guitar playing on a 12-note guitar, basic acoustic guitar techniques, rock standards, blues fundamentals, jazz licks, and so much more. Of course, the basics often remain the same – you will learn scales, chords, basic music theory, note reading, and the other pillars of music making.

What Other Techniques Will Be Taught?

Beginner Guitar Technique

Are you starting with no prior musical knowledge? We’d love to get you started. We can start out by teaching you how to properly hold the guitar, tune the instrument, replace strings, and more. You will also learn to navigate the frets, and play chords – we will guide your learning, but you can get ahead by practicing these on your own at home every day. You will also learn how to read notes and play scales, and in short, we will instill you with the fundamentals of music and guitar playing.

Advanced Guitar Technique

Advanced guitarists are always welcome at the Aurora School of Music – our teachers have worked with musicians at all levels, and they can still challenge you no matter how well you are playing. Learn advanced techniques like hybrid picking, inside picking, improvisation, chord extensions, and so much more. At this stage, we will also angle your learning towards the genre you’d like to pursue – classical, jazz, rock, and more included.

Guitar Lessons For Every Age

Guitar Lessons for Kids in Cleveland

Our pre-college guitar lessons are age-appropriate, effective, and enjoyable. We don’t treat lessons like another classroom activity for kids, so they will be learning rhythm alongside popular tunes, playing engaging educational games, and playing music in line with their likes and dislikes. Of course, we don’t let kids dictate what happens in lessons – we want lessons to be fun, but we still follow a logical, disciplined progression. If you would like to see if our instructors would be a good fit for your child or teen, please get in touch for a trial lesson.

Guitar Lessons for Adults

Adults often come to us with specific goals – they may want to play guitar in a band with friends, learn Bach, or accompany songs with some basic guitar chords. Whatever the case may be, our teachers will craft a unique learning plan for you. We’ll teach you the basics, equip you with drills and exercises to practice at home, and steadily work towards your aspirations on the guitar. You can also enroll if you are an adult with significant experience playing. We enjoy helping skilled adult amateurs improve and take their playing to the next level. Furthermore, we’ll help you choose the right instrument if you are undecided (classical, acoustic, electric – you name it).

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