November 2020 Student Recital Sign-Ups and Detailed Information

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Student Recitals: November 20, 21, 22


Friday, November 20: 5 pm & 7 pm
Saturday, November 21: 9 am, 11 am, 1 pm, 3 pm, 5 pm, 7 pm
Sunday, November 22: 9 am, 11 am, 1 pm, 3 pm, 5 pm, 7 pm

We are overjoyed to announce our upcoming Student Recital weekend, allowing participation either in-person or virtually via Zoom! The various times throughout the weekend give your family the flexibility and the convenience to be able to attend and participate in any of the above Recital times. We offer four Student Recital weekends throughout the calendar year. If you are unable to participate this time, we look forward to hearing you on the next recital!

Sign-Up Information for Recitals and Prep Classes

  • Sign up opens on Tuesday, October 20 at 10:00 AM.
  • Sign up closes on Thursday, November 5 at 11:59 PM.
  • Sign up will take place on Eventbrite, which you can also access through our website. Only one sign-up is needed (no separate sign-up for prep class).
  • Attendance at your teacher’s Recital Preparatory (Prep) Class is a prerequisite for all students to be able to perform at the upcoming recitals, whether via Zoom or In-Person.
  • Please view the prep class schedule and make necessary plans to be available for your teacher’s schedule prep class.
  • If you are presenting two different instrument studies (ex. piano and voice) please sign up for two performance spots.
  • You will receive your Individual stage time or Zoom time 48 hours before your scheduled prep class. This is a time assigned specifically to you/your student with your teacher and Ms. Vera.
  • NEW – Because we are assigning individual stage times for Recital Prep Classes, each student will pay a $10 administrative and coaching fee. This is due to the individualized attention each student receives both in scheduling and teacher attention during their assigned prep time.
  • NEW – Because we are assigning individual stage times, we are offering multiple (A or B) Recital Prep Class options for specific faculty members with large studios. Make sure to choose your desired Prep Class A or B, if applicable, when signing up.
  • NEW – Adult recital participants may sign up for their teacher’s recital prep time if they would like to receive the same individualized attention and rehearsal time with Ms. Vera. We will still have a dress rehearsal for all participants on Thursday, December 3. Adult students can sign up by contacting the office directly and do not need to fill out an Eventbrite form.
  • We are prepared to manage waiting lists for each of our Student Recitals as needed, so please do not get discouraged if your desired Student Recital time fills up. If you need any help with scheduling, please call us at (330) 915-4912 or email at your earliest convenience. We are here to help!

In-Person or Zoom (Virtual) Participation

The Aurora School of Music fully supports all of our parents’ decisions about whether attending our Recital Prep Class/Student Recital event in-person or via Zoom.

Please note that Recital Prep Class via Zoom only qualifies you for Recital participation via Zoom. Similarly, in-person Recital Prep Class only qualifies you for in-person Recital participation. Please keep in mind that cross participation from Zoom to in-person and vice versa is NOT possible.

In-Person Participation

  • For social distancing purposes, we will assign specific stage times within your teacher’s Recital Prep Class. Please do not miss your individual Recital Prep time, because we cannot guarantee any make-ups. Individualized Recital Prep stage times prevent students and parents waiting in the Concert Hall for any extended period of time. Parents and/or guardians are welcome to accompany students at their individual Recital Prep Class time(s).
  • Please limit your in-person guests to those in your immediate family. We encourage extended family members to view the recital via our live stream. Please note: Changes to this may be affected by current Ohio mandates and regulations as we draw closer to the recital weekend. Please stay tuned!
  • Please plan to sign and submit our ASM/Covid-19 Waiver if you have not already. Please note: Without the signed waiver, in-person participation is not possible at any Recital Prep Class or Student Recital.

Zoom Participation

  • 48 hours prior to your class, you will receive a specific login time within your teacher’s Recital Prep Class, and a Zoom ID will be provided.
  • Once you sign in, you will enter the “waiting room” until you are admitted in the “Concert Hall” at your assigned time. Your teacher and Ms. Vera will be there to greet you and hear your beautiful music!
  • Please be on time – if you miss your assigned Recital Prep Zoom time, we cannot guarantee make-ups.
  • Audio sound checks and Video adjustments will be performed during your individually assigned Recital Prep Class Zoom time. Parents of younger performers (under the age 13) are encouraged and their assistance is much needed with the process of the perfect performance set-up.
  • If using accompaniment: we recommend using a Bluetooth speaker for playing the accompaniment to ensure it can be heard clearly along with your solo instrument/voice.
  • At your Student Recital time, all performers will be joining the virtual room together and will enjoy each other’s performances. Please stay logged in for the full duration of your Student Recital for the outstanding student award ceremony and the “tutti” final bow.
  • At Student Recitals, our Zoom participants will be projected live in our Concert Hall on the giant screen and via our AV speakers for our audience to enjoy.

COVID-19 Safety for In-Person Performers and Audience

  • The Concert Hall seating will be set up in small, socially distanced groups.
  • The Concert Hall will be set up to reproduce the outdoors as much as possible – all five of the Concert Hall’s doors will be open for airflow purposes to the outside, weather permitting.
  • IQAir MultiGas HEPA air purifying systems combined with sterilizing fogging treatment in our Concert Hall will provide the safest possible environment for our students and families.
  • Please practice social distancing, staying at least 6 feet (about 2 arms’ length) from those who are not from your household while at ASM.
  • We follow the Ohio Government mandate for face coverings for all in-person participants and audience members. However, you will still be allowed to attend and participate if a medical condition prevents you from wearing a mask.

Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns. We are here to make your Recital Prep Class and  Student Recital weekend experience the most fun and joyous! Please call us at (330) 915-4912 or email any time.