Is It Easier To Learn Drums on an Electronic Kit?

By July 24, 2021News

If you are just starting out in drum lessons, you obviously need to practice at home – but what kind of equipment do you need to buy? Should you go ahead and invest in an acoustic drum set that you’ll continue to use even when you’re playing at an advanced level? Should you purchase a digital “starter kit” to see how things go? Or is it worth it to purchase a higher end electronic drum kit?

Keep reading for our thoughts on the matter, and if you’d like to start drum lessons in Cleveland, contact us for a free trial lesson at your earliest convenience.

Is It Easier To Learn Drums on an Electronic Kit?

No, it’s not easier or more difficult for a beginner to learn how to play the drums on an electronic kit. You will need to learn your rudiments the same way, practice your rhythms and fills, and learn how to read notes. You can build your hand and eye coordination just fine with an electronic drum set, and you have an advantage or disadvantage by using one.

Reasons To Consider an Electronic Drum Kit (E-Drums)

Is an Acoustic Drum Kit Too Loud For Your Home?

Noise is a consideration for all drummers, not just beginners. And if you live in an apartment, a duplex where you share a wall with a neighbor, or simply with your family, you may need to invest in some e-drums. Your kids or parents will thank you! Even if you have a basement or designated room for your drums, an acoustic set will easily be audible from outside your house, let alone in a neighboring room.

The “Feel” Gets More Advanced Every Year

No, an electric kit cannot possibly replicate the responsiveness of an acoustic kit. This is the same issue piano students grapple with when deciding between an acoustic piano, digital piano, and hybrid piano – “weighted keys” vs. non-weighted keys. But most electronic drum kits now have a mesh head, which more closely mimics the feel of a real drum.

You can also get a dual-zone drum head on your electronic kit that allows for rimshots, and it’s recommended that you get a realistic “kick tower” instead of a regular electronic pedal.

Electronic Kits Come With More Pedagogical Resources

Most modern e-drum sets allow for MIDI hookups via USB, can be used with amplification, can be recorded directly into your music production software, and more. You can also take advantage of guided rhythm exercises, practice tracks, and other features. Consult with a teacher before buying a drum kit for this reason – they will be able to point you in the right direction!

Are Electronic Drum Kits Expensive?

You can buy a set of e-drums for as little as $450, but we don’t necessarily recommend it – you will probably want to invest at least $1.5K – $2.5K if you plan to practice consistently. You don’t want to “outgrow” your drum kit within the first several months of lessons.

Also, you need to have an instrument that you enjoy playing, as this will keep you motivated to keep playing and practicing.

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