How Do I Teach My Five Year Old Music?

By May 8, 2021News

Giving your children creative opportunities helps develop them into well-rounded individuals. Music is one such opportunity: it can increase abilities in comprehension and grow character and confidence through practicing and performing. Many skills acquired through learning music carry over into academic and everyday life. 

That said, learning music can begin at any age, and introducing a child to the concept of music early on will only benefit them later on. If you’d like more information about piano lessons in Cleveland, voice lessons in Cleveland, guitar lessons in Cleveland, or how to get a free trial lesson here at our school, please get in touch!

Can a Five Year Old Learn Piano?

Every child has the potential to learn music, but the approach may look different with each. Some children are not ready to sit at a physical piano because of lack of attention span or otherwise, but that does not mean they cannot begin learning. Children can begin with becoming familiar with notes, the structure of the instrument, and with music without ever touching an instrument. If a child is ready to sit and learn the actual instrument, they are ready for lessons. Most concerns surround the size of the child. Of course there will be limitations, but they can begin developing techniques and understanding that will help them excel later on. They may need a stool under their feet at first because of the height of the bench, and they may need the teacher to guide them in activities “off the bench” to keep their attention, but the learning can certainly start at age 5. 

What are the Benefits of Teaching Your Child Music?

Music challenges the whole brain in ways that many other extracurricular activities simply cannot. Studies have linked musical study with increased reading comprehension, hand-eye coordination, and social development.

Of course, music’s value is best described as intrinsic. If you are enrolling your child in lessons only to improve their reading comprehension, you are probably wasting your time. Music is a wonderful pursuit, and giving your child the ability to learn it will give them incredible amounts of fulfillment when they get older. It’s similar to learning a language as a child – very few children realize the value of knowing a second language, but many, if not all, adults who didn’t learn a second language wish they had.

Should You Enroll Your Child in Private Lessons?

Whether you are looking for piano lessons in Aurora, OH or drum lessons in Aurora, private lessons are a great way to develop a child’s abilities. Even if they are not ready to sit at the instrument, working with a child to develop foundational knowledge will set them up for success later on. Your child will be matched with a teacher who will cater each lesson to his or her unique learning style or preference.

Is Your Child Ready to Learn Piano? 

As a parent you know best what your child is capable of. Attention-span, focus, and interest are important in determining if your child is ready. Based on these criteria there are different options. If a child has trouble sitting and focusing on a single task, then games that teach notes or other information may be the solution. It is also important to engage a child based on their interests. Tailoring songs to be about things they enjoy, such as a soundtrack of their favorite movie or a song about aliens with bright pictures surrounding it, helps keep children interested and excited. Having the right teacher makes all the difference. Teachers who understand that children have particular struggles, but also abilities and interests, can use different approaches to making the most of a teaching opportunity. 

Are You Ready to Work With Your Child? 

Even with an eager learner, children need encouragement. Reminding them to practice is important, but sitting down and working with the child will help them reach their fullest potential. Also, sharing the excitement of music and celebrating accomplishments with your child will not only create lasting memories, but will develop a passion. It is important to remember that a child will only get the most out of each lesson during the days of practice in-between. Be your children’s cheerleader and be ready to jump in alongside them to help them be the best they can be. 

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