What Instrument is Harder – Drums or Guitar?

Drums and guitar are popular choices for aspiring musicians, and it’s easy to see why. Many famous musicians are competent on both instruments, they allow you to play in bands or ensembles with others, and you can replicate many of your favorite songs. But if you don’t have a significant amount of time to practice, which should you choose?


In this blog, we’ll help you make an informed decision based on your goals, schedule, and budget. Of course, if you’d like drum or guitar lessons in Cleveland, please contact us regarding a free trial lesson.

Are Drums Harder Than The Guitar?

Yes, generally speaking, drums are harder than the guitar. Of course, to play at a professional level, both instruments require the same amount of work. But if your goal is to have fun with music as quickly as possible, the guitar is your best bet.

On the guitar, you can teach yourself at least a chord per day, and by the end of your first week, you’ll be able to play the chords for a number of pop songs. You’ll really only have to think about your left hand finger placement on the frets, because strumming the strings is fairly self explanatory.

The drums aren’t quite as simple for beginners, even with an experience drum teacher in Cleveland. They require that you coordinate both hands, and if you want to figure out a fuller sound or more advanced rhythm, you’ll need to coordinate with your foot on the pedal as well. It’s not easy!

Why Are You Learning an Instrument?

Any good music teacher or singing instructor in Cleveland will ask you what your goals are when you start lessons. Do you want to play in a band with friends? Do you want to pursue an instrument vocationally? Do you want to learn a new party trick that will help you in social circles?


There’s no bad reason to learn music, so to speak, but your particular scenario will help you make these decisions. If you want to increase your social standing with a bit of music, the guitar is probably a better choice. If you want to be a church musician, lead a vocal group, or take your instrument with you on the road, the guitar remains your best option.


But if you plan to commit yourself to practicing every day for the long haul, there isn’t a bad choice. In fact, you could learn both instruments. The drums are best mastered over a period of time because of the coordination involved, but advanced guitar techniques are just as challenging.

Are Drums More Expensive Than Guitars?

Yes, the startup costs for learning the drums are higher than guitar. You can get an entry level drum set for around $300 and a beginner guitar for under $100. If noise is a concern, you can buy an electronic drum kit with decent reviews for around $500. Obviously, noise is not much of an issue with acoustic guitars.

Are The Drums Really That Hard For Beginners?

Don’t let this article mislead you into thinking that drums are very unfriendly to beginners – you can learn a simple beat as early as your first lesson. Your teacher will walk you through how to grip the sticks, how to strike the drum, and how to count a rhyme. By the end of your first week, you’ll most likely be able to play along with a rock song or two (many songs have extremely simple rhythms).

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